Why this website?

Why create a site at all? How do I tell you?
If I told you that I love to sing, and that making sound resonates in me to my very core?
That is what I want to share with you. My passion, that began in childhood, that I now have the audacity to give flight. Now out in the open, now under the lights, now on stage.
To climbe the great heights, with you, to sound's mystery and sound's magic, in what Oscar Wilde described as "Music putting the soul in harmony with all that exists".

Vocal artist Yohanna Alba is a dream come to life. Constantly experimenting and researching amongst our global traditions where multiple ways of producing sounds and singing are to be discovered. Welcome to her vocal Universe!

Grace album

Created in collaboration, with composer and musician Aneloris Eternis, this is my first recorded Album. My hope is that listening to it will take you above words, beyond language and away from any fixed notions you may have of culture! This is a completely self financed abum. We are looking for your support to carry on our work! You can do so by sharing this page, by buying our music or/and sponsoring us at


If you enjoyed this album and would like to hear us live we would like to hear from you.
Our goal is to share not only our music but also it's creation. Have you ever wanted to live the pleasure that comes from creating a new piece of music? We invite participation (under certain conditions of course) from choirs, musicians, orchestras, etc. If your would like to join one of our "Collaborative creative music concert workshops". Please do not hesitate to contact us.

with Edward Maya

This piece was born after a meeting and musical experiment, conducted between two and three o'clock in the morning…
Thanks Edward for allowing me to come and play in your sonorous and artistic world. I hope this melody will make your fans dance and sing worldwide!

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As this world wouldn't be the same without you, this website wouldn't exist without the support and work of friends. I warmly thank Stefane Buvot (web design), Anthony Gelineau (web development), Ana Maria Moldovan (photo), Simon Tabak (aid for an artistic english translation), and many others... BĂ©atrice, Gabriela, Gilles, Iulia, Nicole, etc. may be you soon ?
Let's grow together !

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