Berlin, 10-13 July 2015

Sound & Music WORKSHOP (July, 10-12th) & collaborative Concert on July, 13th

With Aneloris and Yohanna Alba

Personnel Development Sound & Music WORKSHOP , on 2015 July, 10-11-12
& creative COLLABORATIVE CONCERT* in Berlin, on July 13 evening

FREE YOUR CREATIVITY, develop self-confidence and self-respect, learn to tame fears and emotions, be supported by a group, EXPERIMENT, open up to new and positive possibilities and ways !

* following the 3 days workshop, participants have the opportunity to contribute to a CONCERT with music learned or produced during the workshop, with as starting point our album Grace.

NB : This class doesn’t require any musical knowledge – Music is used as a tool to reach and enhance our creativity space. The different sessions are designed and conducted in a gradual way –with an alternation of listening, inner movements observation, body and vocal expression– in order to balance our attention between outside and inside, and so, to access our personal resources and free our creativity.
This class wil be held in English, with translation in German if required.

If interested to participate, more info at
Early registration deadline : 1st JULY 2015

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